Top 5 signs that you need a new central heating system

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Top 5 signs that you need a new central heating system

Every boiler experiences problems from time to time – its normal… However if you are splashing the cash more than often on your boiler, is it time for a new boiler? In this blog we go over our top 5 signs you need a new central heating system.

Your Boiler is Over 10 Years Old

The first straight forward sign that it’s time for a new boiler is if your current one is over 10 years old. After this amount of time, even the best boilers are likely to suffer issues which need repairing. In the last few years technology has come a long way, as have safety regulations. All of this means a more modern boiler is required.

Your Boiler and Radiators are Noisy

If the boilers and radiators in your home make a lot of noise, you may have got use to it but it is a clear sign that something isn’t quite right. If you carry on ignoring these noises, it could lead to damage and complete breakdown over time. A new boiler will also ensure you can sleep better at night!

You are Struggling to Find Replacement Parts

If when you do encounter problems with your current boiler, replacement parts are hard to come by it shows that it’s time is up. There are a lot of older boilers which you simply can’t find parts for anymore and this is a big issue as it’s vital that you can always find the correct parts when they are needed.

Your Energy Bills are Extra High

If you’ve noticed a dramatic rise in your energy bills, your old boiler could be one of the main reasons. Boilers of the past are notoriously inefficient and can cause you to use a lot more energy than you actually need to keep your home warm. A lot of newer boilers have smart controls which can be a huge help in lowering your energy bills.

Your Boiler Requires Regular Repairs

It’s fairly obvious, if your old boiler breaks down and has issues which need fixing regularly, you are definitely in need of a replacement. A brand-new central heating system installed by HPI Heating & Plumbing Installations will offer your reliability, extra piece of mind and an assurance that you won’t have to spend extra money in future on costly repairs.

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