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Your central heating system in your home is often taken for granted. As long as it’s working, not many people think about how it’s running or what it’s costing to run. From the boiler, through to the radiator valves, all components of your central heating system should be annually checked to ensure they are running as they should be. There are many different boilers, system types, valves and controls that can be used to make up a system.

It is essential that you get the right people in to advise and recommend what system would be best suit you and your family’s needs. If you’re on gas, oil, LPG or electric, there will be a system out there for you. We have experienced engineers who have worked in the industry for many years and are available to install anything that you require, to fulfil your heating and hot water needs. We are part of accredited installers network which has benefits when installing new appliances which we pass down to our customers.

If you would like a new system installed, or would like to upgrade your existing system to meet the new energy efficiency requirements, then contact HPI today!

Underfloor Heating

Keep the whole of your house warm at all times with our efficient Underfloor Heating.


We offer a wide range of radiators to not keep your home warm but match your décor too.

Temperature Control

We offer the latest in temperature technology, keeping your house up to date and you in complete control

Prepare for the chilly nights

this winter with underfloor

heating from HPI Heating!